Circling around or spiralling up?

2022…… who knows how this one will go?

Sometimes our lives can feel like they are circling around, always coming back to where we were before with no real progress. The reality is we are never exactly where we were before because we can’t unlearn the things we have learnt. We can’t ungrow the growth that has been made. So instead of assuming that our lives have come full circle, I think of it as an upward spiral. Yes we can see some familiar patterns, people or places. These may be good or not so good. However we are not the same within ourselves so our experience doesn’t need to be the same this time round. But it needs to be a conscious choice to move upward. To recognise past mistakes, as well as embrace the learnings, to shift higher.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but what I do every 12 months is take a look at the year that was and see what I am happy with and what growth I have made. I look at where I am at, where I am heading and think about any changes that need to be made to help me get there.

This post is about sharing with you some of my own personal goals for this upcoming year.

All the usual things can go in here. I am looking forward to getting back into surfing. Not only for my physical fitness but it is also such a spiritual connection and ‘time out’ for me.

I have already stopped drinking alcohol (since early December) so I will continue with that. I will eventually get back to enjoying a drink occasionally but won’t be going back to the level I was before. The change in my body in just 5 weeks is amazing. It will be interesting to see how much more change there is over the next few months.

To help with the physical change I am also making more of an effort to eat better. Not going on a ‘diet’ or anything like that. No set goal as far as body size or shape but simply being more aware of eating fresh food more than processed.

But above all of this my main goal for 2022 is to bring more balance to the way I think and the choices I make. This may sound odd but hear me out.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with how I have been thinking. But just like our habits, our thinking and our choices need to be looked at occasionally to see if they are still in our best interests.

My personal goal for this area in 2022 is to connect more with how I feel as opposed to what I think. My rational, analytical mind has served me well through out the years and it definitely has it’s place. It is now time though to bring in the balance with the other side of me. The emotional, feeling side. Some people describe it as being heart centred. I like the idea of that.

So 2022 for Dan is all about feeling and being, rather than thinking and analysing.

What are your goals for the next 12 months? Will you circle around or spiral up?

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Published by Dan O'Keeffe

I am a Personal Growth and Mindset Coach. I help people find their purpose and move forward, creating the life they really want to live.

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