BEing and the State of Empty Spaciousness

Empty Spaciousness and BEing. Two concepts that I have to admit, confused the hell out of me at first. How can I be happy when I’m empty? Aren’t I supposed to be ‘doing’ something…. filling the emptiness I feel? Because after all, this is what we are shown and taught as we grow. We haveContinue reading “BEing and the State of Empty Spaciousness”

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Where are you looking?

I have always felt like I didn’t belong. Like I was a different and just didn’t fit in. As I have grown and experienced more of life, I have learnt a lot about myself and the world around me. One thing that I have learnt is that for all those years that I felt likeContinue reading “Where are you looking?”

Circling around or spiralling up?

2022…… who knows how this one will go? Sometimes our lives can feel like they are circling around, always coming back to where we were before with no real progress. The reality is we are never exactly where we were before because we can’t unlearn the things we have learnt. We can’t ungrow the growthContinue reading “Circling around or spiralling up?”

As Above, So Below

As above so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul. Ok so this is a little more deep than how I would usually start my posts but stick with me and I will explain. Let me start by acknowledging that this quote is not my own. You may have heard itContinue reading “As Above, So Below”

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3 sides to Self Pt3: Social Self

Welcome back to the third instalment of the series, 3 sides to Self. If you haven’t already read the previous posts, take the time to have a look at my introduction to the topic (follow the link above) and also part 1 Spiritual Self and part 2 Physical Self. This week I will explain myContinue reading “3 sides to Self Pt3: Social Self”

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3 Sides to Self: Pt 2 Physical Self

Welcome back to our usual topic. Last week I took a side trip to address what is now a global concern (Covid19 pandemic) in hope of helping people cope with the inevitable change we are going through. This week, I will be continuing on the topic of prioritising you and looking a little more intoContinue reading “3 Sides to Self: Pt 2 Physical Self”

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