Where are you looking?

I have always felt like I didn’t belong. Like I was a different and just didn’t fit in. As I have grown and experienced more of life, I have learnt a lot about myself and the world around me. One thing that I have learnt is that for all those years that I felt likeContinue reading “Where are you looking?”

Interruption to our usual broadcast…

Welcome back readers. This week, I had planned to continue writing about the 3 sides to Self and go into more detail on our physical Self. However, with the current world health crisis and the economic fall out resulting from it, I have decided to change my plan. I think this is the perfect timeContinue reading “Interruption to our usual broadcast…”

The 3 Sides To Self

Welcome back to those who have been here before and hello to any new readers. In my last 2 posts I introduced myself and spoke a little bit about the topic of Self-Help, how some of us are reluctant to pursue it and why it’s important to push past self imposed resistance to bettering ourContinue reading “The 3 Sides To Self”

Why is Self Help a dirty word?

I like to read. I always have. I love browsing the aisles of bookshops and second hand shops searching for that next title that I can lose myself in or learn something new from. I have found though that something in me changes when I hit the self help section. I become more aware ofContinue reading “Why is Self Help a dirty word?”

Welcome To Blog Post #1

Well here I am, finally putting pen to paper (so to speak). Welcome to what has been nothing more than an idea for many years. Prioritise You But before I get too far into it, I’d better let you know who I am what this Blog is all about. My name is Dan O’Keeffe andContinue reading “Welcome To Blog Post #1”